This course will primarily be taught in English.


Do you enjoy singing with others?

Did you always sing in choirs, but never dared being actually heard?

Do you simply adore making and listening to music?

Then this ensemble could be for you!


 THE SDG ENSEMBLE  The ensemble consists of a small group of 3 to 6 singers, singing 3-part harmony a cappella arrangements.


 YOUR PROFILE  Ideally, you should have past experience of polyphony or a cappella singing – this means you need to have sung in a choir, or in a band etc. A basic vocal technique is welcome alongside rhythmical intuition. More than your capabilities, your attitude will be what makes you fit for this Ensemble! You should be open to experimenting with your voice and improvising. Singing in a small ensemble requires patience and trust in your fellow vocalists – these are qualities you should bring along, on top of enthusiasm, dedication and regularity!

 REPERTOIRE  The repertoire will revolve around jazz and traditional music. As a vocalist of the SDG Ensemble, you will be required to not only know your part, but also the part of your colleagues. Every singer will in turn take the role of the accompanist, the soloist and the storyteller. Repertoire set aside, we will also approach basic harmonic skills such as: identifying a harmonic context (minor/major), improvising on different modes and colours, understanding the concept of a form etc.


The SDG Ensemble rehearses Fridays from 3pm till 4.30pm at SING DICH GLÜCKLICH, Prenzlauer Allee 238, 10405 Berlin.

The monthly rate for weekly classes is 75 € (70 € discounted rate*). Click here for more information on our prices. 




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